Update: Mitchell Community Schools Academic Year To End May 7

(MITCHELL) – The Mitchell Community School Board of Trustees voted Monday evening to end the 2019-2020 school year on May 7th.

Two positions will be posted to hire a Preschool Coordinator/Case Conference Coordinator, and a Behavior/Autism Specialist.

The school board also approved the Summer School Seamless Waiver for school lunch meals.

The Board went on to approve the following certified staff for the upcoming school year.

Hatfield Elementary School

Tawnia Batchelor, Katie Berry, Judy Cessna, John Lemmons, Meredith Roll, Julie Freeman, Stephanie Hardman, Sydney Harris, Addyson Lotz, Cassandra Leonard, Megan Mishler, Courtney Nolan, Jeannie Barnes, Tammy Roberts, Shannon Thomas, Melissa Whaley, Michelle Willoughby, Kamala Blevins, Amy Dusard, Cherly Hardman, Christin Johnson, Aston Albright, Amanda Ohls, Jaymie Terry, Damon Willoughby, and Kim Wray.

Burris Elementary School

Melissa Abner, Bailey Beasley, Jamie Briscoe, Jill Chastain, Whitney Pannebaker, Bryan Fountain, Onalee Giggy, Maggie Hamilton, Ashley Ikerd, Katy Key, Jessica Lee, Jan Martin, Kurt Ramey, Tara Ramey, Glorie Schlemmer, Lindsey Seitzinger, Sarah Thomas, Katrina Brace, Jackie Emberton, Whitney Fountain, Carl Isom, Arley Ramsey, Sarah Ralston, Whitney Reed, and Michelle Taylor.

Mitchell Junior High School

Jeri Brown, Kendra Burris, Jessica Downey, Amy Glassco, Tim Haworth, Andrea Hudson, Josh Landers, Kirsten Martin, Sarah Reynolds, Cindi Roberts, Ross Simpson, Kyle Smith, Sharon Garsnett, Crystal Tyler, Hank Wintczak, Max Ziebel, Brett Deckard, Kelly Grace, Alison Kern, Erin Murphy, Jean Sowders, Holli West, and Leland Ames

Mitchell High School

Jenifer Allen, Darrin Chastain, Robyn Embry, Kevin Giggy, Tim Haworth, Lane Hewitt, Noah Kearns, Rebecca Knight, Becky Mason, Rickie Mason, Caitlyn Nicely, Lindsay Prichett, Lee Purlee, Amy Redman, Margaret Sears, Jeff Selby, Doug Thomas, Andrea Waldbieser, Heath Snider, Melissa Epping, Cody Conner, Crystal Goins, Jeff Johnson, Josh Landers, Mike Matthews, Brad Purlee, Ada Reynolds, Matt Sowders, and Hank Wintczak

In addition, they approved the hiring of Erica Cuellar and Leland Ames as Special education teachers for the 2020-2021 school year.

Alisha Yost was also approved for the Mitchell Junior High School girls track coach for the 2019-2020 school year.

Dr. Wilcox gave an update on the current lunch program and thanked all Mitchell Community School cafeteria workers for their assistance with the food program during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Dr. Wilcox updated the board on grading practices during the extended E-Learning time. Mitchell Community School teachers will be given guidance on this in the near future.

Troy Prichett updated the board on the possibility of a “virtual graduation” ceremony. The board discussed a variety of possible graduation scenarios.

The board advised that a graduation “disk” be made for each graduating senior. Seniors will be given the disk as close to the original graduation date as possible. The board hopes to hold a more traditional graduation ceremony at a date and time to be named once the COVID-19 restrictions are raised.

Board President Chris Shaw asked about virtual dance and cheer tryouts, with Dr. Wilcox stating that there will be no virtual tryouts at this time.

President Shaw went on to thank the district principals for their leadership during the E-Learning period. He conveyed that Mitchell Community Schools was a positive example of planning and teamwork that was noticed by the residents of Mitchell and surrounding communities.