Person Found Dead After Firing Weapon At Police

(TERRE HAUTE) – A person who exchanged gunfire with officers in western Terre Haute was found dead after officers entered a wooded area in an armored vehicle, Indiana State Police said Saturday.

Right now, police are not releasing the identity of the suspect.

The Vigo County Coroner’s office will be performing an autopsy at Terre Haute Regional Hospital.

Vigo County sheriff’s deputies were called at 8:30 a.m. Saturday about a call about a suspicious person in a vehicle with a shattered rear window near South Crews Place.

When the deputies tried to make contact with the person using a loudspeaker, telling the person to leave the wooded area, the male began shooting at the deputies, who took cover and called for assistance, state police said.

After officers from several agencies arrived, they set up a perimeter as the person continued to shoot randomly at the officers, as the person was moving through the woods, police said.

The responding officers eventually spotted the person and yelled loudly for them to put down their weapon and surrender, but police said the person began shooting directly at the officers giving those commands and officers exchanged gunfire.

Police said no officers were shot.

The person’s body was later found in the wooded area by the Terre Haute Special Response Team, which arrived at the scene, a few miles east of the Illinois state line.