Hoosier Business Owners Warned Not To Violate COVID-19 Order

(UNDATED) – Indiana business owners will face more penalties if they violate Governor Eric Holcomb’s newest COVID-19 order.

Companies who violate state and local orders will first receive a verbal warning, a cease and desist letter second, and then removal of their license or permit, and then finally, criminal charges.

The violation is a Class B misdemeanor, which could result in up to 180 days behind bars.

A state Enforcement Response Team will investigate reported violations of the executive order, including unsafe working conditions. Violators will first receive a verbal command to conform to the executive order. If they fail to do so, the state could order the business to close.

“This goes statewide (to ensure) all of these directives, in addition to the executive order, are complied with,” Gov. Holcomb said.

The Indiana State Department of Health reported 30 new COVID-19 deaths since Tuesday. That brings the state’s total to 203 deaths.

There are 436 new cases of the coronavirus in Indiana since Tuesday, bringing the state’s total to 5,943.

Retail businesses, aside from stores providing essential services, will be required to operate similar to restaurants by closing their in-store services and conducting transactions over the phone or online.

Businesses selling necessities, such as food or medicine, should limit the number of customers in a store at any time, adjust their hours to accommodate vulnerable populations and limit hours to give themselves time to restock and clean, the order advises.

Additionally, the order closes all state campgrounds, with the exception of people living at campgrounds.

All employers and businesses are encouraged to allow employees to either work from home or stay home sick, if applicable. If at work, employees should maintain six feet of separation from one another, according to the governor’s order.