How Family and Social Services Administration Uses Tax Dollars

(INDIANAPOLIS) – This month the Indiana Department of Revenue will be highlighting the great work done by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA).

FSSA is a health care and social services funding agency with 94% of the agency’s budget going to thousands of service providers ranging from doctors and pharmacists to a physical therapist working with a developmentally delayed child in her home.

FSSA has six divisions that administer services to more than 1.5 million Hoosiers. Let’s explore some of these services that are funded in part by state tax dollars.

First Steps Program

First Steps is a program that connects the families of infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities to services that help promote their child’s development. Services offered include health and medical services, nutrition services, social work, speech and auditory therapy, family education, training, and counseling and occupational therapy. In 2019, this program helped over 23,000 children.

NeuroDiagnostic Institute

FSSA’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction operates six psychiatric hospitals throughout the state including the NeuroDiagnositc Institute. This cutting-edge institute delivers expert neuro-diagnostic evaluations and treatment for patients upon their arrival then determines the most appropriate treatment settings within the state’s mental health system.

On My Way Pre -K

The On My Way Pre-K program helps children 4 years of age, from low-income families have access to a high-quality pre-k program through grants. In 2019, over 3,500 students were enrolled in programs throughout the state, helping ensure that kids are ready for kindergarten.

Adult Protective Services

The Adult Protective Services (APS) program provides intervention and protection to vulnerable adults who are victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. FSSA works with local county prosecutors to assist these endangered adults. There are 13 APS offices throughout the State of Indiana, and individuals can also report abuse online.

These are only a few of the programs FSSA administers. To learn more about FSSA or find services offered near you visit their website at