Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to Suspend Operations

(PLAINFIELD) – The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Plainfield has, out of an abundance of caution, decided to suspend its operations in an attempt to keep its staff, students and visitors safe during this COVID-19 outbreak.

At this time, there are no concerns of anyone affiliated with the ILEA being symptomatic for COVID-19.  This measure is in response to recent guidelines regarding gatherings.

Also, it is important to know that this measure will not have any negative effect on the law enforcement services provided by agencies around the state.  The ILEA will work diligently with those agencies who have officers in the current class, so as to ensure those officers receive the credentials necessary to maintain their certifications within their respective jurisdictions.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the state are working together during these uncertain times to help ensure they are keeping their personnel safe, so as to be better prepared to keep our communities who rely on their services as safe as possible.