AG Curtis Hill Obtains Favorable Settlement Following 2017 Truck Crash that Damaged I-465 Overpass

(UNDATED) – Attorney General Curtis Hill has obtained a $1.3 million civil settlement with companies involved with a January 2017 truck crash that damaged the Rockville Road Bridge overpass on Interstate 465. Following that incident, Attorney General Hill filed a civil complaint against driver Brian Cheek, Twins Trucking LLC, Twins Crushing LLC, OmniSource Transport LLC, and OmniSource Corp.

Attorney General Curtis Hill

Cheek, while employed by Twins, was hauling a car crusher owned by OmniSource on I-465 when the car crusher activated — causing the equipment to rise upward and collide with the Rockville Road Bridge overpass. The collision caused substantial damage to the bridge and required an immediate response by the Indiana Department of Transportation to make necessary repairs at great expense to taxpayers.

The state’s settlement is with Twins Trucking LLC and Twins Crushing LLC. The settlement accounts for more than 90% of the total damages incurred as a result of the accident. The matter was pending in Marion County Superior Court and was set for trial in August 2020 when the settlement was obtained.

“It is important that Indiana taxpayers not be responsible for damages caused to public highways due to the negligent actions of others,” Attorney General Hill said. “This settlement is a solid resolution that assists in making the State of Indiana whole while illustrating that those who commit negligent acts will be held accountable for their actions.”