AG Curtis Hill Leads 16 State Coalition Supporting Trump Administration’s Update of Environmental Rules

(UNDATED) – Attorney General Curtis Hill is leading a 16-state coalition supporting the Trump administration’s efforts to update the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations for the first time in 40 years.

For decades, current regulations involving the NEPA have raised the cost of infrastructure projects in Indiana and other states, Attorney General Hill said and delayed much-needed improvements.

Attorney General Curtis Hill

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana is the fifth busiest freight state for commercial freight traffic, moving 724 million tons of freight each year. It is critical to Indiana’s economy that infrastructure is maintained at a high level.

“These commonsense updates proposed by President Trump would enable projects to move forward more quickly,” Attorney General Hill said. “They would have a positive economic impact and allow states greater authority to govern our own affairs as we collaborate with federal agencies. The proposed updates offer clarity and predictability to the process while at the same time prioritizing the protection of our environment.”

Attached are the comments submitted by Attorney General Hill and signed by 15 other attorneys general.