Suit Dismissed Over Indiana Attorney General Groping Claims

(INDIANAPOLIS) — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Indiana’s attorney general by four women who say he drunkenly groped them during a party.

Attorney General Curtis Hill

Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill has denied the allegations and his lawyers argued the women didn’t have a valid case for sexual harassment under federal law because they all worked for state government’s legislative branch while Hill is an elected officer of the executive branch.

Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson wrote in Monday’s ruling that the women described “disgraceful and reprehensible conduct” but the allegations didn’t meet the legal standard to establish a violation of federal law.

Hill said in a statement that he was grateful for the ruling and looked forward to continuing as attorney general. A spokeswoman for the women’s attorneys didn’t immediately reply to messages seeking comment.

The state Supreme Court is considering a recommendation that Hill’s law license be suspended for at least 60 days for alleged professional misconduct. The Indiana House voted Monday in favor of a proposal that would prohibit anyone whose law license has been suspended for at least 30 days from serving as attorney general.