Two Arrested after Stealing Batteries from Seymour Business

(SEYMOUR) – Two men were arrested and charged with theft on Friday after police found them in possession of 63 stolen used vehicle batteries.

Jeremy Lee Gray Brooks

Police arrested 39-year-old Jeremy Lee Gray Brooks, of Indianapolis, and 35-year-old Glen Richard Etheridge, of Boggstown.

Glen Richard Etheridge

The robbery was reported in progress at 11:47 a.m. at Seymour Mack Sales and Service, on Commerce Drive, in Seymour.

According to a news release, Brooks and Etheridge fled on foot after the U-Haul truck they were driving became stuck in the mud.

The two men crossed both lanes of Interstate 65 west of Seymour Mack Sales and Service. Brooks was caught shortly after officers arrived while Etheridge was apprehended about 45 minutes later.

During the investigation, police discovered the U-Haul had been reported as stolen in Jacksonville, Florida.

The batteries were stolen from Seymour Mack Sales and Services with the intention of turning them in for their core charge value of $30 each, valuing the batteries at $1,890.

Both Brooks and Etheridge are facing preliminary charges of two felony counts of theft one for the battery and one for being in possession of the stolen U-Haul.