Two Springville Residents Arrested on Drug Charges

(BEDFORD) – Two Springville residents were arrested on Thursday after Bedford Police officers were called to the Dollar General Store on John Williams Boulevard after a report of a suspicious male and a female who had possibly stolen items from the store.

When officers arrived just after 3 p.m., they spoke to an employee who pointed out both suspects. 

David Bruhn

Police found 44-year-old David Bruhn at the check out counter. Police say Bruhn was unsteady on his feet and making jerky motions and could not stand still.

Melissa Choate

Bruhn was with 39-year-old Melissa Choate, also of Springville, who was found sitting outside of a vehicle in the parking lot.

Police found Bruhn had several pills in an unmarked bottle. The pills were a Schedule IV controlled substance that Bruhn did not have a prescription for.

“Officers asked Choate about walking out of the store without paying for items and she admitted that she did take several items,” says Chief Terry Moore. “While officers retrieved those items they noticed a syringe in plain view. All items were released back to the store and both Bruhn and Choate were arrested.”

Police say the substance in the syringe tested positive for meth.

“There was a six-year-old boy with the couple that was released to a grandmother and DCS was advised for follow up,” Chief Moore added.

Both Bruhn and Choate are facing charges of theft, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a syringe, neglect of a dependant, public intoxication on a drug.