Town Council Learns Santa Will Visit Oolitic Fire Department on December 6th

(OOLITIC) – It was announced at the Oolitic Town Council meeting on Monday night that Santa will visit the Oolitic Fire Department on Friday, December 6th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. More information will be released soon.

Councilman Dirk Sears would like to have a group discussion in the near future with Town Council members and the public on how to attract new business to the town of Oolitic.

Councilman Glenn Gross encourages the new town council to advertise meetings better by using the newspaper and the radio station to inform the public on future meetings and things happening in the Town of Oolitic.

The council members tabled the bids for the repair on the air conditioner for the police department. They received two bids. One bid was from Air-Master Heating & Air Conditioning for $5,803 and a second bid was from Spartan Mechanical for $3,800. Council members wanted to seek out a couple of other bids before awarding the contract.

Councilman Gross stated that the wastewater treatment plant is in need of a new grinder, however, Bell believes the current grinder is working fine. But a person who uses the water for fertilizer states that too many solids are being released into the water and he may not be able to continue to use the sludge because of that.

At the next council meeting, Councilman Bill Kendall would like to talk about the ongoing stormwater issues and come up with a plan. He would like for the new council members to be in place before any action is taken. In addition, he would like to see how many smaller projects the town can handle so that grant funding could be better be utilized to cover the more extensive and higher-priced projects. The archeological study for the stormwater project will cost a total of $1,400.

Leaf pick-up has started, but rainy weather has delayed progress. The public asked the council to advertise when leaf pickup will be via the newspaper and the radio station.

The Town Council will hear about an ordinance at the next meeting that will help the town recover overdue water bills. In the December meeting, Town Attorney Greg Pittman will discuss the ordinance in more detail.

The council members approved the salary ordinance for 2020. The salary ordinance will remain the same as 2019 with no raises for town employees.

Council members also approved the fire contract with the Oolitic Fire Department for 2020. The contract does not change from 2019. The total cost of the contract will be $34,750.

A hearing will be held on December 30th with Attorney Greg Pittman and Hearing Officer Glenn Gross on three buildings that are privately owned that need immediate attention. The meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. at the Town Hall in Oolitic.