Stalker Wildcat News Engages Students

(BEDFORD) – Brian Young a 5th-grade teacher at Stalker invests extra time in the students, producing a morning news program. Because of that investment, it has changed the way the students are looking at education.

Mia Roberston and Max Grace make announcements for the next morning. Gage Brown runs the camera, while Landon Hill observes, and Remi Taylor runs the teleprompter.

“The students were not paying attention to the morning announcements very well; they were just reading it. So I talked with the principal about producing the morning announcements using television and allowing the students to produce the program,” stated Young.

Around 21 students in the fourth and fifth grades play some part in producing each of the morning programs. The students either will be collecting information, delivering that information or writing the stories.  Each student is given an assignment they must complete by a certain deadline. Those assignments are rotated so each student will have the opportunity to do something different.

Landon Hill, 10, a fifth-grader gives a weather forecast while Remi Taylor, 10, a fifth-grader, runs the teleprompter.
Audio: Landon Hill gives a morning weather report

Once the program is produced, Young takes it home and edits it which takes a couple of hours. He then downloads it to YouTube and it is played the next morning to the student body. In the future, Young would like to teach some of the students how to edit.

“It has taught the students the reason why they need to know how to write. It also teaches them life skills, time management, and the importance of having a job,” Young explained. “They get paid by getting a grade.”

The Stalker PTO has helped fund the programs. Down the road Young would like to possibly purchase some more cameras or make some upgrades. He also would like to possibly incorporate advertising from local businesses.

Mia Robertson, 11, and Max Grace, 11, fifth-grader students at Stalker make the morning announcements.

Next week, the students will get an opportunity to be a part of WTIU news program. Ann Ryders, a former news anchor from WTHR Channel 13, has invited the students to Bloomington on Tuesday to be able to tour the television station and be a part of the news program.

Brian Young decided last year to start producing a news program during the morning announcements. 21 students have some role in the student-produced morning news program.

During WBIW’s visit to Stalker on Thursday, Landon Hill gave a weather report and Max Grace and Mia Robertson took a turn at being behind the camera making morning announcements. Gage Brown was the cameraman and Remi Taylor helped operate the teleprompter.