Mitchell School Board Ratifies Teacher Contract Between Mitchell Education Association

(MITCHELL) –  In the public meeting of the Mitchell Community School Board, they voted 5-0 in favor of ratification of the Teacher Contract between the corporation and Mitchell Education Association.

The new contract includes the following:

  • The salaries of the eligible teachers will receive their salary step of $1,000 and anyone eligible for a column moves will be moved to the second column for both years of the contract.
  • For all teachers including those currently at the top of the salary schedule, the step increase is a base increase.
  • The ECA added a statement that says ” The number of positions noted on this schedule were not bargained and are shown here for information purposes only” to make the schedule IEERB compliant.
  • Health insurance will remain the same in the contract. however, life insurance will increase the amount of coverage to $60,000 with the maximum paid by the employer will be $150.00. All other insurance will stay the same as the 2017-2019 contract.
  • Health Savings Account contributions would remain the same for those on Plan number 3, for both years of the contract. All other language in the contract will remain as is. And there was language fixed in the contract to remain compliant with the IEERB Rubric.