Anah-Heweston Gouty Sworn In As Lawrence County Circuit Court Juvenile Referee

(BEDFORD) – Anah-Hewetson Gouty was sworn in this morning as Lawrence County Circuit Court Juvenile Referee.

Using the family bible held by her mother, Julie Hewetson, Anah Hewetson Gouty was sworn in as Lawrence County Circuit Court Juvenile Referee.

Many family, friends, and colleagues of Anah-Hewston Gouty believe she was destined for this moment in time. One might believe Anahs’ late father, Bruce Hewetson , who was described as a kind, compassionate, lawyer would have been full of pride and joy for his daughter.

“I always hoped to be a judge, with my personality and to seek out what is just,” Gouty commented during her remarks following in her swearing-in.

“I am humbled, to be here today, and humbled to serve as Lawrence County Juvenile Referee. My father always said to serve others, have a joyful heart and always do your best.

Greg Pittman makes remarks during the swearing ceremony Friday morning in Lawrence Circuit Court

 James Pittman who worked with her father and later on with Anah mentioned a moment while visiting her father at the law firm, she placed her hand on the printer and made a copy of her hand. For several years, that hand hung on the wall in their law offices. James Pittman remembered thinking to himself “Wouldn’t it be neat if one day she would come back and work here.”

Pittman continued to speak of how Anah is a true reflection of Lawrence Counties goal for our youth. ” As we always talk about raising our children, having them go to college, to come back and invest in our community. “Anah has done that.”

Michelle Woodward talks about working with Anah in the Prosecutor’s Office

Michelle L. Woodward noted that one night she went by the courthouse, seeing only a lamp on in Anah’s room where she worked in the courthouse. Thinking of the scripture in Matthew 5:16  “ Let your light so shine before men, that may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.”  Anah is that bright light in a dim world. She will have to make some difficult decisions, but she is a smart, wonderful,  compassionate person who will excel at her job.

Presentation of the robe: Wes Gouty places the robe on Judge Anah Hewetson

Judge Nathan Nikirk administered the oath of office with the family bible held by Julie J. Hewetson. Presentation of the robe was done with her husband Wes, and children Brigg and Beckett Gouty.

Anah’s son listens to his mother from the witness box in Circuit Court.

Anah was joined by several family members today, including brother Barron Hewetson and family of Pittsburg to be with her today.