Indiana Department of Revenue Tax Extension Deadline is Nov. 14

(UNDATED) – Did you file an extension for the 2019 tax season?

If you did the Department of Revenue wants you to be aware that you are just days away from the extensions deadline on Nov. 14th.

Don’t forget – even if you filed for an extension that gave you more time to file, it did not give you more time to pay. This may mean that you have a penalty along with your bill. However, no penalty will be assessed if you:

  •  Paid 90% of the tax you were expected to owe by April 15, 2019;
  •  Filed your tax return by Nov. 14, 2019; and,
  •  Paid any remaining amount due (including interest) with that filing.

DOR has several payment options, including payment plans for those that qualify.

For information on how to pay your bill visit DOR’s Payments and Billing webpage.

A payment plan can also be set up by contacting our Payment Services Division at 317-232-2165.