Leadership Training Ignited with ‘SPARK’

(NEW CASTLE) – Development of Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) personnel continues on a regular basis through the efforts of the IDOC Staff Development and Training (SD&T) personnel.  The most recent training, Peer Leadership: From Today’s Achievers to Tomorrow’s Leaders, was specifically designed as a pilot program for non-supervisory staff and concluded this past week.  

Participants were nominated to attend by Wardens from IDOC correctional facilities across Indiana and their Department’s Directors.  Each Warden selected three to five of their personnel – identified as having high leadership potential – to attend the training and further develop their opportunity for future promotion and advancement. Correctional facilities represented at this training included Wabash Valley, Plainfield, Indiana Women’s Prison, Edinburgh, Branchville, Rockville, members of the Indiana Correctional Industries (ICI), and IDOC Programs & Re-Entry.

IDOC Executive Director Michael Osburn (far right) answers questions during the Executive Meet and Greet portion of the program.

Participants used the book “Spark” written by Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch, and Sean Lynch as an integral part of the learning experience.  The training incorporated information from the book to help each participant identify how to maximize their own personal “spark” to lead themselves and co-workers toward success.

Role playing was a key part of the conflict resolution aspect of the training.

The week-long program focused on characteristics and values of “SPARK”; the importance of trust in a leader/follower relationship; values; self-assessments; the importance of credibility; self-confidence; stress management; and professional development.

Team members work on problem solving skills by building a bridge with newspaper.

Employees who completed the pilot training, and the facility where they work, included:

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility: Shadrak Nichols, Richard Malott, Brittany Bendekovich, Michael Cunningham

Indiana Women’s Prison: Tristin Burgos, Whitney Helm, Andrea Lewis, Lavonda Davis, Hope De Kruyf

Edinburgh Correctional Facility: Sara Russell, Shannika Salinas, Christopher Guffey, Shaun Watson, Jackee Parsons

Branchville Correctional Facility: Travis Goffinet, Ashley Dodge, Andy Clark, Grant Sanders, David McNeely

Rockville Correctional Facility: Angela Neeley, Izek Morrison, William Noel, Scott Mundell, Aubrey Stewart

Plainfield Correctional Facility: Tanya LaFrance, Iman Williams, Carrie Sipich, Elizabeth Foster

Programs & Re-Entry: Lisa Martin, Kristal Shriner, Aaron Cooper, Michael Martin Drain, Patrick Callahan

ICI: Harold Berry, Patrick McFeeley, Michael Rucker

Plans are in place to offer the training to future leaders two times a year, commencing in 2020.

The first graduating class of Peer Leadership.

About SPARK:

SPARK’s insights were hard-earned by its authors, Angie Morgan (Marine Corps), Courtney Lynch (Marine Corps), and Sean Lynch (Air Force), who today are sought-after consultants and keynote speakers, through their firm Lead Star, due to the relevant, engaging way they help individuals reimagine themselves as leaders so they can reach their true potential.

For more information on the book, use your favorite search engine with these keywords:  SPARK; Angie Morgan; Courtney Lynch; Sean Lynch