AG Curtis Hill Helps Launch Jail Chemical Addiction Program To Serve Fountain and Warren counties

( FOUNTAIN COUNTY) – Attorney General Curtis Hill announced today that Fountain County in western Indiana will receive a $50,000 grant from the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association for the purpose of starting a Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP) that will also serve neighboring Warren County. The award is made possible through seed funding from the Office of the Attorney General, which also helps administer the grant process.

Through JCAPs, inmates with substance abuse issues are enrolled into quality long-term treatment programs that begin during incarceration and continue upon the inmates’ release.

“The best correctional models not only penalize offenders for their crimes but also aim to improve their character,” Attorney General Hill said. “Through targeted services, we must address social, emotional, spiritual, educational, physiological and family issues. The JCAP model puts this philosophy into practice.”

Fountain Circuit Court Judge Stephanie Campbell said she is eager to watch the JCAP program improve the lives of local residents.

“Both Warren and Fountain counties are small rural counties that lack services for defendants suffering from chemical addiction,” Judge Campbell said. “The recidivism rate is disheartening and devastating. Through the JCAP program, we can help defendants begin recovery while in jail.”

The grant will be used to pay for mental health, substance abuse and individual services provided to inmates, she said.

Besides Attorney General Hill and Judge Campbell, other officials appearing at today’s announcement in Fountain County included Fountain County Prosecutor Daniel Askren, Fountain County Sheriff Terry Holt, Warren County Judge Hunter Reece, Warren County Prosecutor John Larson and Warren County Sheriff Russell Hart.