IU Poynter Chair Carol Giacomo to Host Workshops, Deliver Lecture on Campus

(BLOOMINGTON) – Carol Giacomo, an award-winning journalist, and expert in foreign affairs and defense issues who was named the second Indiana University Poynter Chair in March will be on campus next week to host workshops, meet with students and faculty, and deliver a public lecture.

Giacomo will give a public lecture on press freedom, polarization and trust at 7 p.m. Oct. 2 in the Maurer School of Law’s Moot Court Room. The talk is free and will be followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

Giacomo is a member of the New York Times editorial board and writes editorials arguing the paper’s position on the leading national security challenges of the day: the nuclear threats posed by North Korea and Iran; the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq; and the rising threats from Russia and China.

Carol Giacomo
Carol Giacomo

Before joining the board, she spent two decades covering foreign policy as the diplomatic correspondent for Reuters in Washington. During her time at Reuters, she traveled over 1 million miles to more than 100 countries with eight secretaries of state and other senior U.S. officials.

While she is on campus, Giacomo will also lead workshops with student media on story development and opinion writing; conduct interviews with the “Through the Gates” podcast and the WFIU “Profiles” program; and meet with faculty and graduate students from the Kelley School of Business, Maurer School of Law, and O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs to lead workshops on public writing.