Fishery Biologists Study Bluegill at Westwood Run Lake

(WESTWOOD RUN LAKE) – Bluegill is one of Indiana’s most sought-after sportfish and are commonly harvested by anglers.


When the Indiana DNR receives reports that bluegill sizes are decreasing and overharvest is the suspected cause, fisheries biologists investigate the need for more restrictive harvest limits.

In 2019, fisheries biologists started a bluegill study at Westwood Run Lake in Henry County.

Biologists are able to determine bluegill population sizes by marking the fish with easily identifiable tags (pictured above). When marked fish are recaptured during Indiana DNR fish surveys or by bluegill anglers, biologists use the rate of recapture to estimate population size and how much of the population is being harvested. Be sure to report your tagged bluegill catches to the creel survey clerk at Westwood Run while Indiana DNR biologists are conducting surveys.

Currently, there are no statewide bag or size limits for bluegill. Anglers should check the official Indiana DNR Fishing Guide for information about specific fishing regulations on their lake of choice.

If you have any questions about fishing or fisheries management, feel free to contact your district fisheries biologist.