Martin County Sheriff’s Dept. Issues Warning about Walmart Scam

(UNDATED) – The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has received information from residents in Martin County about a Mystery Shopper scam.

The scam comes in the form of a letter and a check. The letter shows a logo of Walmart and an old photo of a Walmart building. The check looked real, even using the name of a local bank in the tri-state region.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with Walmart that this is a scam and that Walmart is not involved with this Mystery Shopper program.
The Martin County Sheriff’s Office advises residents to not attempt to cash the enclosed check or attempt to contact anyone at the numbers listed on the letter.

If you believe you may be a victim of the Mystery Shopper scam and believe your confidential information may have been exposed, please contact the Martin County Sheriff’s Office at 812-247-3726 or Walmart fraud division at 800-925-6278, options 2, 2, 1.

If you have any questions or need more information regarding this particular scam, please feel free to contact Major Keith Keller with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.