Experts Warn to Spot Signs of Human Trafficking at Indiana Hotels

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indiana hotels are joining the nation’s efforts in putting an end to human trafficking.

Chip Rodgers, President of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, says hotel staff are increasing awareness to spot signs of trouble.

“Our ultimate goal is that trafficking be eradicated from every U.S. hotel,” Rodgers said. “The best way to do that is to make sure everyone on the staff at these hotels is trained.”

Rodgers laid out some of the signs that human traffickers could be in a hotel you’re staying at.

“When you see people together of dramatically different ages that are not related to each other. When you have an excessive number of guests coming in and out of one guest room. When you have guests checking in with little to no luggage.”

The National Human Trafficking Hotline says that in Indiana last year, there were over 140 cases of human trafficking reported and nearly 50 calls from victims and survivors.

The AHLA launched the “No Room For Trafficking” campaign last month to help hospitality workers across America better identify traffickers and potential victims in hotels.

Rodgers says human trafficking is a $150 billion a year global industry, affecting an estimated 40 million victims.