Communities Invited to Host Dinner Discussions to Explore How Welcoming They Are to Newcomers

(UNDATED) – Indiana Humanities is looking for enterprising organizations or individuals to host “Chew on This” dinner conversations designed to help communities explore how welcoming they are to newcomers.

“Chew on This: Who Belongs Here?” will be Sept. 24 in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Batesville, Bloomington and other communities that apply and are accepted to host the event.

Local hosts will be asked to take the lead on recommending a restaurant and menu, finding a local facilitator and spreading the word about the event locally. Indiana Humanities will take care of designing and printing menus, working with the restaurant on final confirmations, collecting participant fees and paying a $300 stipend to the local event coordinator.

To apply, read the call for proposals and fill out the application form at Applications are due Aug. 10. Up to five additional communities will be selected as hosts.

“We are pleased to offer the opportunity for Indiana communities to take part in this important statewide conversation,” said Keira Amstutz, president, and CEO of Indiana Humanities. “Sharing a meal around a common table is a wonderful way to encourage civil dialogue and understanding.”

An expert facilitator will guide the conversation and help participants consider how welcoming their community is to people who come from another country or just over the county line. Other questions to consider will include: What do we mean when we say someone is or isn’t part of a community? Who decides? Why does openness matter—and how can your community be more welcoming?

Applicants will be notified by Aug. 14. Tickets for the events will go on sale later this month.

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