Monroe Co. Sheriff Responds Following Public Requests Regarding ICE Detainers

(MONROE COUNTY) – The Monroe County Sheriff responded following requests to stop placing ICE detainers on arrested foreign citizens.

According to the Sheriff, a recent event in Bloomington prompted the citizens to call Sheriff Swain to stop placing ICE detainers on arrested foreign citizens being booked in the Monroe County Detention Center.

The Sheriff states there is one person in the Correction Center with an ICE detainer request. That person was in involved in the homicide of a twelve-year-old boy who was restrained with shackles and a collar until he died with starvation.

The only involvement the Sheriff’s Office has with ICE operations is to make a notification if a foreign citizen has committed a very serious crime; Murder, Rape, Child Molesting, Aggravated Assault, (attempted murder) and other serious crimes against another person.

Sheriff Swain considers these events a matter of public safety. The policy of making notifications of persons arrested for serious crimes will remain.

In May, a husband and wife were charged with multiple counts of felony neglect after a 12-year-old died in their care. The 12 year-old Eduardo Posso was taken to IU Bloomington Hospital for treatment in May and showed multiple signs of abuse and starvation.

Monroe County Sheriff Deputies arrested Luis Posso, 32 and his wife Dayan Median Flores, 25.