Oolitic Town Council Places Fire Department on Drug Testing Program By Request

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Town Council agreed to put firefighters on the Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department on a drug testing program at the department’s request.

Steve Louden of the Oolitic Fire Department spoke on behalf of Fire Chief Ted Maze; who could not attend this evenings meeting due to training.

The fire department also agreed to split the annual fee if approved. The town council approved the request on the condition that IU Health agrees and the costs for testing remain the same.

In other business, the council says damage to the roof at the wastewater treatment plant will be first looked at by the town’s insurance company before moving forward. The roof has been leaking since last October.

The Town will also be looking at getting the diesel tank covered with a roof at a fraction of the cost. The town will take on the project themselves.

The Town Convention will be held before August 21 2019. Town residents are still concerned over this process.

“We have been getting several calls on the Oolitic Town Convention to elect five Republican candidates before the November Election. The process is run entirely by the Republican party and not the Lawrence County Election Board,” stated Heather dela Cruz, Voter Registration Clerk. “There is still time for third party candidates to file before the November Election. In order to participate in the Republican Convention, an Oolitic voter must be considered a Republican in good standing with the party.  More details will be forthcoming in the near future by the Republican Party.”

The Council approved a variance from commercial to residential for Debbie Thompsom who will be using the property at 325 Hoosier Ave. She will not be using the property for commercial use and in order to obtain the loan, it must be re-zoned. The original property owner must consent to this being used as residential and must file that with the clerk’s office.

Questions again were raised on enforcing people cleaning up their properties and enforcing existing ordinances. Bill Kendall states the town will continue to enforce those ordinances, from abandoned vehicle ordinances to nuisance ordinances under 93-16 from trash clean-up, to keeping lawns mowed. The Town Marshal will issue a warning, then based on the ordinance residents will be given the proper time to address the issue. If not addressed a fine will be issued based on the amount set by the ordinance.

A hearing was held at the request of a property owner to be given more time to move two vehicles from his property on Oak Street in Oolitic.

A tree fell on his vehicle and he asked Attorney Greg Pitman more time to move the vehicle. He was served with an abandoned vehicle violation on four vehicles that are on his property. The town council agreed this was considered an “Act of God” and gave him 14 more days to address this matter.

The lines from State Road 37 to Hoosier Avenue have been painted by the Indiana Department of Transportation. After safety concerns and fear of head-on collision as the other double lines got faded and weathered the Town contacted the state to get the lines painted and turn lanes properly marked.

A wood chipper has been purchased from the City of Bedford and is already reducing the number of trips to dispose of brush, limbs and organic material to be hauled off.

Southern Indiana Development Corporation have notified the town their may be more money available for the North Building for their grant.

Phil Hensley will be able to look at the roof once weather improves at the Town Hall.

The town will try to provide a dumpster for a upcoming clean-up. This will allow residents to clean out garages and get rid of other trash to spruce up the town. They are a few issues that will need to be looked into to make sure no hazardous waste gets placed in the dumpster. They may be looking at a one day clean-up instead of the three day clean-up as original planned.

Nick Curlo, former deputy town marshal has reimbursed the town for training. Due to contact agreement and leaving to go to Bedford Police Department, he was responsible to reimburse the town because he did not stay within the specified time as agreed by the terms of the contract.

Matthew Shelton was hired by the town as a laborer. Living within about 12 minutes of the town will be an asset to the town. Bill Kendall wanted to let the residents know that they should thank their town employees and let them know that you appreciate them for their hard work.

The Oolitic Fire Department requested the normal road closures for the upcoming Festival on September 14th, 2019. Vendors will line up on Main Street and the parade will be the normal route as in times past. The fire department will be in charge of this year’s festival, parade and vendors. Anyone wanting to be a part of this year’s festival should contact the fire department. The town council approved their request.

A resident at 500 West 11th did not get the proper permits for a building constructed at the location. The town council approved in getting those permits approved.

The Clerk-Treasurer applied for grants for two projects and both were approved. The grant for AED’s through the Lawrence County Community Foundation was approved the total grant was for $3,000.

A second grant for weather radios was also approved in a total amount of $2,500. There will be requirements for disbursal of the weather radios, but they are an effective way to notify the public of severe and dangerous weather.