Attorney General Orders Williams Volunteer Fire Department Dissolved

(WILLIAMS) – The Williams Volunteer Fire Department was ordered dissolved by the Indiana Attorney General Office.

“According to the State Fire Marshal, the Williams Fire Department was dissolved administratively by the Attorney General’s Office, and we have no further comment. The Williams Fire Department is being currently covered by the Huron Volunteer Fire Department,” according to Amber Kent of Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

The Fire Marshal’s Office could not provide who is providing fire protection to Mitcheltree Township in Martin County. Williams VFD has provided fire protection to the Trinity Springs area in Martin County for several years.

Williams Volunteer Fire Department

The Williams Fire Department was formed in 1961 by members of the community for fire protection and is one of the oldest fire departments in Lawrence County. WBIW News reached out to the Williams Fire Department and they did not want to respond to media inquiries at this time.

Spice Valley Township Trustee Michelle Cornett stated that she had just learned about the issue at the fire department.

“I have not received any official notification from anyone with proper authority at this time. ”

Indian Creek VFD has agreed to provide fire protection until this issue can be resolved. And hoping that it can be resolved quickly. But, due to the recent flooding, they are places the Huron Fire Department cannot reach. ” Cornett stated.

“We are hoping the fire department finds a resolution very quickly to the problem” Cornett added. ”

WBIW News will continue to provide updates to this story and will try to obtain a copy of the order by the Indiana Attorney’s Office.

Mitcheltree Township Trustee Tammy Gore stated, “I just learned about this last week. But, not from a proper authority. We will meet next week to address this issue and find out how to move forward.”

In 2018, the Mitcheltree township provided Williams Fire Department $9,500 for fire protection, and $1,500 as a one time donation to Indian Creek Township in Lawrence County. This year, Mitcheltree Township was to provide $4,000 for fire protection to Williams Volunteer Fire Department in 2019.