Bloomington Man Arrested After Breaking Into Apartment

(BLOOMINGTON) – A Bloomington man was arrested Tuesday after he broke into an apartment on East University Street.

Bloomington Police arrested 60-year-old Richard Vance on charges of criminal mischief and residential entry.
Vance told police he broke into the apartment next to his because he had a water leak in his apartment.
According to police, Vance says his apartment flooded three weeks ago, and the management would not fix it. He knew the apartment next to his was empty, and he wanted to live there instead of his flooded apartment, so he switched the numbers on the doors and broke in.
An employee told police that management previously contacted Vance about moving into another apartment. But he had to wait until the student that had moved out lease was up.
Police took Vance to the hospital after he threatened to harm himself and said he had a mental illness. After being treated, he was arrested.