Washington School Board Approves Shorter School Year For 2020

(WASHINGTON) – The Washington School Board voted that next year’s school year will be a week shorter.

Washington’s Superintendent, Dr. Dan Roach explains the successful E-Learning trial this spring allowed the school system to make the change.
The last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year will May 21, 2020, with graduation ceremonies held on May 23, 2020.
The Washington Community School Board heard from high school teacher Barb Knepp, who supervises the Hatchets Helping Hatchets program.
Knepp told school board members that in the last two years, Hatchets Helping Hatchets has assisted approximately 300 disadvantaged students with clothing, school supplies, and personal hygiene items.
The program also offers students one-on-one tutoring. This year the program took on helping junior high school and elementary students.
Generous donations from the Community were important to the program’s success.
In other business, the Board accepted the resignation of high school agriculture teacher Sebastian Overman and approved hiring high school math teacher Charles Alderman, junior high math teacher Anna Mandy, and elementary teachers Jamee McMurray, Sydni Stoll, Lydia Hancock, Lauren Luff, and Isabella Simone.