Two Arrested After Police Find Meth In Their Pockets

(BEDFORD) – Two people were arrested after Bedford Police were called to the Bedford McDonald’s after a report of a female driver falling asleep in the drive-through line on Monday night.

Officers were given a description of the vehicle and were told there was an adult male and several children inside the vehicle.
“Officers located the vehicle traveling west on 16th Street with a small child standing up in the backseat unrestrained,” says Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore. “Officers stopped the vehicle near 16th Street and James Avenue.”
Phillips, Samantha.jpg
Samantha Phillips
Police say 25-year-old Samantha Phillips was driving the vehicle and 36-year-old Kenneth Cahill was the front seat passenger.
Cahill, Kenneth.jpg
Kenneth Cahill
“As officers were approaching the vehicle both Phillips and Cahill appeared to be hiding something inside the vehicle,” says Chief Moore.
Both Phillips and Cahill were asked to step out of the vehicle and while speaking with officers they both continued to play with their pants pockets.
“Due to their unusual behavior officers performed a pat down for officers safety and located a smoking device and baggie with a crystal substance on Cahill that later tested positive for Methamphetamine,” Chief Moore added. “Phillips told officers she had methamphetamine in her pant pocket too. Officers found a baggie of a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana.”
Police arrested Cahill on charges of neglect of a dependent, possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia. Phillips, of Springville, is facing charges of neglect of a dependent, possession of meth, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
A family member was contacted and arrived on scene to pick up the children. The Department of Child Services was notified.