Sam Craig Will Face Rowena Cross-Najafi In Bedford Mayoral Race

(BEDFORD) – Republican Mayoral candidate Sam Craig was victorious over five other contenders to win the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s election.

sam and otto.JPG
Sam Craig with grandson Otto Spreen celebrating his win.
Craig received 759 votes, with around 1,773 votes cast in the Bedford Mayor race. Craig defeated Gene McCracken who received 501 votes, followed by Rick Butterfield with 367 votes, Michael Hawkins with 113 votes, Sam Shaw with 21 and Robert Garrett with 12 votes
A total of $56,000 was spent in this mayor’s race.
brian skillman and sam working polls.JPG
Sam Craig and Brian Skillman talk while working the polls in front of the Lawrence County Courthouse Tuesday morning.
“I am thrilled my team has worked very hard for several weeks to get this accomplished. The voters responded,” Craig said. “I am going to sit back, see where we are and develop a plan.”
Rowena Cross-Najafi talks to supporters Tuesday evening at the Wiley House.
He will face Democratic candidate Rowena Cross-Najafi in the November election.
“I do not take this race lightly. She is a challenger and will work hard to get elected,” Craig added.
Cross-Najafi says Sam is a worthy opponent.
“I am looking and talking to the public to find out what their needs are,” she added. “I am looking forward to an open debate, and find out who the citizens are for. Sam worked very hard in this race.”