Teacher Appreciation Day Is Today

(UNDATED) – Teachers are some of the most important and impactful people in our lives. Which is why it is fitting that every May we celebrate the amazing contributions they make with Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10 and Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7.

The education experts at Brainly — the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents, and teachers with more than 150 million users globally– polled 1,000 Americans to discover which states most appreciate the amazing impact teachers have on students.
It turns out there are tons of exciting things we never knew about how people feel about teachers!
Consider this: 91 percent of Americans have a teacher they remember having had a considerable positive impact on their lives. But which states stand out the most?
The Brainly State Teacher Appreciation Rankings

  • Indiana – 100
  • Mississippi – 100
  • Nevada – 100
  • Virginia – 98
  • Texas – 97
  • Illinois – 97
  • Georgia – 96
  • Michigan – 95
  • Alabama – 94
  • Oregon – 93
  • Connecticut – 93

Here are a few more interesting findings from that survey:
Teachers don’t get the Recognition they Deserve
83 percent of Americans said that teachers don’t get the recognition they should for the massive impact they have on America’s youth. In a similar vein, 79 percent say that they aren’t paid enough and should be paid more.
Nearly 2/3 of Students Keep in Touch with Teachers after Graduation
Sixty-two percent say that keep in touch with their favorite teachers after leaving school. Maybe it has something to do with this other data point: 53 percent point to a teacher’s passion for the work as the most desirable trait in a teacher.
English Teachers Top the All-Time Favorite List
Despite forcing us to slog through Ethan Frome, 25 percent of Americans say their English teachers were their all-time fave. This is followed by Math at 16 percent, The Arts at 15 percent, Science at 14 percent, and History at 12 percent.
graph teachers.png