Crothersville Man Sentenced In Death Of Shoals Man

(JACKSON CO.) – A 58-year-old Crothersville man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the death of his then girlfriend’s adult son.

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Darrell Stanton pleaded guilty in a negotiated plea deal to Level 5 felony charges of reckless homicide and intimidation with a deadly weapon in connection with the 2017 death of 35-year-old Dustin Robbins of Salem.
On Friday, Jackson Circuit Court Judge Richard W. Poynter dismissed a charge of murder and voluntary manslaughter.
Jackson County Prosecutor Jeff Chalfant said his office consulted Robbins’ family before the agreement was made and felt the state would have had difficulty proving whether Stanton knowingly or intentionally pulled the trigger.
Stanton was arrested April 5, 2017, after Stanton and Robbins got into an altercation at a mobile home southeast of Dudleytown that led to Robbins’ death.
Robbins died of a shotgun wound to the abdomen.
According to a news release, the incident began when Stanton arrived at his girlfriend’s mobile home at 8049 East County Road 400 South and found Robbins and his wife there. Police say Stanton was intoxicated.
Witnesses told police Stanton approached Robbins and threatened him and his wife with a shotgun because the two were trying to convince Robbin’s mother to leave Stanton because they and other family members believed he had abused her.
According to court documents, the two men walked outside the mobile home, and the argument continued. Allegedly Robbins’ wife came up behind Stanton and tried to take the shotgun away from him, and a struggle began.
Police say Robbins grabbed the gun and hit Stanton over the head with the butt of the shotgun.
Stanton fell to the ground and grabbed the gun, and the trigger went off, striking Robbins in the chest area.
Officers responded after a report of a male with gunshot wounds at 6:59 p.m.
When they arrived, they saw Robbins outside of the home and found Stanton inside.
Robbins was treated by medical personnel with Jackson County Emergency Medical Services and taken to Schneck Medical Center where he died from his injuries.
Jackson County Prosecutor Jeff Chalfant said his office consulted Robbins’ family before offering the plea agreement.