Red for Education Breakfast Today at Lawrence County Museum

(BEDFORD) – The North Lawrence Education Association held a “Red for Ed” Breakfast this morning at the Lawrence County Museum to show support and unity for the teachers.

According to Lacy Hawkins NLEA, 13 of the 16 schools were represented this morning. Around 70 teachers and their children were in attendance.
Teachers and their children showed up for breakfast this morning at the Lawrence County Museum
“A lot is going in public education, right now. We are trying to rally for the North Lawrence Community Schools to be able to operate, and provide a competitive salary,” said Hawkins. “The state is requiring the students to be tested, to evaluate how well a teacher is effective. But, this is not what education is all about. They are other factors that are affecting test scores that teachers have no control over. In addition, there is a possibility of larger class sizes and arranging of staff to meet the demands with the North Lawrence Community Schools.”
Teachers and their children eatting breakfast at the Lawrence County Museum
“There is also, a possibility of retirements and not replacing those teachers to save costs.” Hawkins continued. “Today’s rally is to show solidarity, let teachers know they are supported through their frustrations, and allow the community to show support to their local teachers.”
The budget for the North Lawrence Community Schools is around $52 Million with around $16 Million going towards the teachers.
“Teachers are working hard to protect and prepare the next generation. Indiana ranks the Lowest in pay growth, and North Lawrence is a large corporation, but salaries lower than surrounding school corporations. And Indiana is lower
making the burden of recruiting new teachers difficult,” Hawkins declared.
Doug Taylor Treasurer of the Indiana Teachers Association was pleased with the turnout this morning. Taylor was encouraging them to rally the local residents and get them involved. And put pressure on local legislators to be friendlier to education. Since 2009, it has been very difficult for education in Indiana.
breakfast 2.JPG
Scout Thompson holds a sign to support North Lawrence School teachers this morning.
Steve Wynn of UNSERV which represents 14 locals including the North Lawrence Community Schools stated that the funding level for the state only increased around 2 percent. With declining enrollment in the NLCS, the corporation will probably not see any increase in revenue, and possibly lose revenue based on enrollment. This, of course, is only projections, and things can change.
Wynn says the local legislators have not been too friendly to the public schools and expanded vouchers which are detrimental to the teachers and public education.
Around 70 representing 13 out 16 buildings today stand in front of the Lawrence County Courthouse.
Corporations throughout Indiana have been holding similar rallies, walk-ins, walk-outs to draw as the “Red for ED “continues. Today’s event is described as a Marathon and not a Sprint, and to give notice this only the start and not the finish in battle for better education in Indiana.
Average teacher salaries in local corporations:

  • North Lawrence Community Schools – $45,000
  • Seymour Community Schools – $58,200
  • Brownstown Community Schools – $60,600
  • Mitchell Community Schools – $50,300
  • Monroe Community Schools – $53,900