Owensburg Man Arrested After Threatening Female With Knife

(OWENSBURG) – An Owensburg man was arrested on April 7, after he allegedly sat on his wife, grabbed a knife and threatened her.

Jose Munoz.jpg
Police arrested 49-year-old Jose Munoz on charges of intimidation with a deadly weapon, domestic battery, and interference with reporting a crime.
Greene County Sheriff deputies and Indiana State Police troopers were called to the home on South Wine Street at 9:30 p.m.
Both the woman and Munoz were standing in the driveway of the home when officers arrived.
The woman told police her husband, Munoz, had been drinking and got upset because she was using her cell phone to talk to her daughter. She alleged Munoz demanded she give him the phone and when she refused, he pushed her to the couch and sat on her while he tried to take it away.
According to a probable cause document, the woman told police he then grabbed a knife out of the kitchen, held it up and told her she was going to listen to what he was telling her to do. He allegedly then took the house phone away from her but she got outside, locked herself in her vehicle and called 911 from her cell phone.
Munoz told police the two had gotten into an argument because she would not let him see her phone. He denied sitting on her or threatening her with a knife. He did admit he took the phone away to stop her from calling police.