Free Tornado Spotters Course Scheduled In Greene County Tuesday

(BLOOMFIELD) – A Tornado Spotter’s course sponsored by Greene County Emergency Management Agency will be conducted by the National Weather Service.

The free event is scheduled for Tuesday, at 6 p.m. p.m. in the Community Building at the Greene County Fairgrounds.
Roger Axe, Director, Greene County Emergency Management Agency says, “This is tornado season and with the tornados and damages in the last weeks in other parts of the country, this course is now extremely relevant. Being a tornado spotter now is so very important. That is why we are encouraging people from all walks of life to attend. This is especially
important for daycares, churches, schools, law enforcement, fire departments, etc. Knowing what is and is not a tornado is vital for the residents of Greene County. The Spotters Course is free and open to the public.”