9th District Rep. Trey Hollingsworth Speaks At Lawrence County Lincoln Day Dinner

(BEDFORD) – The Lincoln Day Dinner was held at the National Guard Armory Friday, evening in Bedford, bringing the Republican Party’s former officeholders, and current office holders; former Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, Indiana State Senator District 44 Eric Koch, Indiana Representative District 65 Chris May, and several of the township, county, and city officials throughout Lawrence County together

The dinner brought a huge crowd to meet and ask questions to the various hopefuls running for municipal offices in Bedford, Mitchell, and Oolitic.
Trey Hollingsworth visited several areas in Lawrence County Friday, including General Motors, Bedford North Lawrence High School Government Class, North Lawrence Career Center, and U.S. Aggegrates.
The Keynote speaker, of the evening, was 9th U.S. District Representative Trey Hollingsworth, who spent the whole day in Lawrence County visiting General Motors, Bedford-North Lawrence High School Government Class, North Lawrence Career Center, and U.S. Aggregates and this evening was asked nine questions by 2019 Lawrence County Distinguished Women of the year, Mallori Byers. The questions were written down, prior to the speech.
1) How closely do you work with the President of the United States?
Two years, ago the mainstream media did not feel like this President even had a chance of even winning. But, he has fought hard for a better economy, better wages, and has been running against brick walls to make it happen, fighting every day for the American people. President Trump has a lot of business experience; a lot more than we have worked together to bringing about Regulation Reform, Tax Reform and wining around the world in strengthening our military.
2) You have campaigned on and have continued to champion term limits and government reform. Can you give us an update on the progress you have made on those issues?
On every term limit bill that has been crafted, I have been a supporter of that bill. It is time to start limiting the amount of time that people live in Washington D.C. It is time that these people live like the rest of the American people live. The same tax plan, same health-care plans, and live under the same laws the rest of Americans have to live under.
Democracy is putting people’s interests first — not a politician living 40-50 years up in Washington D.C.
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3) With two sessions in, what are you most proud of?
We had some legislative wins and fails; however, I love being able to go around like I did today, with Brad Bough and place a memorial at a veteran’s grave here in Lawrence County, fighting for our local veterans. Giving a purple heart six months ago, in Bloomington, Indiana to a 96-year-old WWII Veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge.
4) It seems like the Democrats are moving further and further left. Does it feel that way in Congress and what are you doing to combat their efforts?
You would have thought the Socialism Debate was over especially, after what we have seen in places like Venezuela. Socialism is incompatible with our freedom. Why, would we want the government to take over our freedoms? Why, should they be in charge of our future? Shouldn’t we be in charge of our future? And be able to live up to the potential that God has given us. The Democrats have moved to Socialism which has veered to the Left, and now it has moved to the left. Why should we let the government take over every aspect of our lives? We must fight to keep capitalism and the free-markets alive.
5) What advice would you give to young Republicans?
We have people who are passionate about things that are going on. I witnessed that today (Friday) when I spoke to the Government Class at the Bedford-North Lawrence High School. I would encourage them to get passionate about something. Whether that be Business, Parks, Streets, or any other issue, get excited about the issue and do something about it. Listening to the mainstream media, social media, and everything around you would have you to think that America’s best days are over. But, what I saw today out of that government class, we have a bright, brilliant future ahead in the United States.
6) What concern do you hear the most as you travel the district?
About the other side and their lack of protecting the unborn – the Democrat Party is no longer Pro-Choice, but now are killing babies as they are delivered. Sad that New York and now Virginia is advocating for this practice. Every American should be given a chance to find a cure for cancer, or be the ones to get to Mars. And it is not fair that we are eliminating their opportunity to do that. We need to fight against the tide of infanticide.
7) Ever since your first campaign and continuing today. You talk about more than 500 calls you make each week to people all across the 9th District. Why they important and do still are doing them?
I do not want to be a Washington insider, but want to find out what the issues are right here in the Hoosier State. Of the 10 -1,000 calls I make each year, it allows me stand-up for their values, concerns, and issues. Lets me know what the care about, not the Muller investigations, and all the stuff we hear in the media. But, what is affecting them here at home.
8) Can you give us your opinion of the GOP, both here and nationally?
We are doing great; we have a lot to be proud of. Illinois residents and businesses are moving to our state due to our low taxes. We have great leaders like Eric Koch, Chris May and Steve Davisson who work here in our country. This state is a pro-business state, and the Governor is working to lower taxes and businesses are trying to find more help because they cannot keep up with the demand of the growing industry, but no workers who can meet those demands. We are the envy of states throughout the Midwest in which we have been able to attract growing businesses.
9. Finally, one of the big questions in the news is whether or not the situation at the border is an “emergency.” What do you think?
A. We need to stop illegal immigration. It does not work for Americans.
B. Talking to Sheriff’s across the district and United States, 92 percent of all Heroin comes through the Southern Borders.
C. It is a Humanitarian Crises, and as American’s, we care about providing humanitarian aid. With more than $410 billion is spent all over the world, on humanitarian assistance. But, we cannot afford to allow this to continue. We are currently spending more than $75 Billion on Social Security, Health Care and other benefits to those that are illegal and cannot provide proof of citizenship, over the needs of the American people. Our President has stuck to his guns on this issue fighting Democrats, and some Republicans on this issue and I fully support the President in stopping illegal immigration.
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Cody Emmons President of the Stone City Fraternal Order of Police with a $1,000 check for Cops for Kids. The money was raised from the proceeds of the Bedford City Council Forum and Mayor Forum held at Stone Gate Education Center.
The evening concluded with the president Kody Emmons of the Stone City Fraternal Order of Police receiving a check for $1,000 following the two forums, one for the City Council Candidates and Mayor Candidates at the Stone Gate Educational Center.