Eiteljorg Museum Leads Celebration Of The Novel ‘True Grit’

(INDIANAPOLIS) – A museum in downtown Indianapolis devoted to Western art is leading a two-month celebration of the classic Western novel “True Grit.”

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is working with the Indianapolis Public Library and other partners on special events, book discussions and screenings of film versions of “True Grit.”
The programming begins with a family-oriented April 13 museum event. Several special events and book discussions will follow there and at other Indianapolis locations through June 15.
“True Grit” was written by Charles Portis. The 1968 adventure novel tells the story of a young woman intent on finding her father’s killer who enlists the help of a federal marshal.
It was adapted into a 1969 film starring John Wayne, and a 2010 version by the Coen brothers.