Hailstorms Cost Billions In Damage Each Year

(BEDFORD) – There are approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the U.S. every year, causing billions of dollars in damage to buildings, vehicles, and crops each year.​

According to local State Farm Agent Judy Macy, in 2018, State Farm® paid more than $2.7 Billion for more than 280,000 auto and homeowners insurance hail damage claims.

State Farm is providing the following tips for staying safe in a hailstorm…
Make a plan:

  • Prepare your family for the hazards and inconveniences of a hailstorm by creating a disaster preparedness plan, including a disaster survival kit and an emergency evacuation plan.

Stay informed:

  • Hail often occurs during severe weather patterns, such as strong thunderstorms. When severe weather threatens, tune in to a battery-powered radio or a hand-crank NOAA weather radio for updates.

Move inside, stay inside:

  • Put vehicles in the garage, bring pets inside and head indoors. Once indoors, close all drapes, blinds, or shades to prevent broken window glass and hailstones from entering your home. Stay indoors until the storm has passed. If you’re on the road during a hailstorm, stay in your vehicle and slow down or stop, as roads may become slippery. Once you have pulled over safely, turn your back to windows or cover yourself with a blanket to protect yourself from broken glass.

Protect your roof:

  • Following a strong storm, you should evaluate the condition of your roof to identify any damage and prevent further deterioration. The Federal Alliance of Safe Homes (FLASH) has information about strengthening your home’s roof decking and shingles against hail and other severe weather.

Additional Resources:

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