Board Of Works Tables Green Hill Cemetery Contract, Approves Purchase Of Fire Truck, Opens Bids For Edgewood Addition Paving Project

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Works met on Monday afternoon to approve several upcoming projects.

Byron Buker and Mayor Shawna Girgis were present; Tony Ravenna was absent from today’s meeting.
In new business, the board approved Resolution 2-2019 to purchase an E-ONE Rescue/Pumper for the Bedford Fire Department.
It will take approximately one year to receive the new apparatus. Currently, a fire engine is broke down in Indianapolis. This will get the fleet back up to good working order.
The 2019 budget allowed $208,000 toward the purchase, with the other portion being budgeted in the 2020 budget cycle. The total cost of the engine was $460,000.
fire department H.JPG
Bedford Fire Department Headquarters on H Street
The department took delivery of an E-One Rescue/Pumper in December of 2018, which is currently being housed at Fire Department’s Headquarters on H Street, and eventually will be housed at the North Side Fire Station.
Bedford Urban Enterprise Association
The board approved a Bedford Urban Enterprise Association special resolution and a corporate warranty deed for the transfer of real estate and quarry derrick located at 37 Street and Industrial Park Drive.
Mayor Girgis said, “the city has received several complaints on the condition of the sign and derrick. By the city taking control of the property, they will seek funds to repair the sign, and paint the derrick. In addition, to keep the sign and derrick maintained in the future.”
Community Crossing Grant
The board opened and approved bids to pave 13 roads in Edgewood Addition.
The project will be paid for with funds from the Community Crossing Grant that was given to the city from the Indiana Department of Transportation.
One road not included in the paving project is Smile Drive because it is a private road.
The 13 roads that will be paved include the following:

  • Circle Court-From Windwood Drive to the cul-de-sac
  • J Hunter Drive from Windwood Drive to the cul-de-sac
  • Grimes Street from Central Avenue to the dead-end of West
  • Edgewood drives from 16th Street (U.S.50) to Eastwood Drive
  • Westwood Drive from Edgewood Drive to the Dead End South
  • Eastwood Drive from Northern part of Edgewood Drive to Southern part of Edgewood Drive.
  • Woodhill Drive from Eastwood Drive to the dead end South
  • Northwood Drive from Edgewood Drive to Eastwood Drive.
  • Southwood Drive from Edgewood Drive to Windwood Drive.
  • Central Avenue from 16th Street (U.S. 50) to Windwood Drive.
  • Windwood Drive from 16th Street (U.S.50) to Central Avenue.
  • Circle Drive from the cul-de-sac to Southwood Drive.
  • Linwood Drive from Windwood Drive to Southwood Drive.

Duke Energy Installing Lights
The board approved an agreement with Duke Energy to install seven new lights along Plaza Drive and Patrick Robbins Way. Three lights will be installed along Patrick Robbins Way with the remainder installed along Plaza Drive.
Green Hill Cemetery
greenhill cemetery.JPG
The Board of Works tabled the contract between the City and Green Hill Cemetery Association.
Board President Bryon Buker suggested that the City make an appointment of a mayor designee to the Green Hill Cemetery Association Board, saying any time the City appropriates money to organizations the city tries to have someone on that board to provide accountability.
Plus there are a few minor changes needed to the new contract. Those changes included going from a one year to a three-year contract with payments include 26 installments of $2,500. Attorney Brent Steele will attend Monday nights Green Hill Association meeting and advise them of the recommendation. Parks Director Barry Jeskewich stated, this agreement has worked well for both parties last year and was pleased with the results.
Bedford Fire Department
Bedford Fire Chief Jon Wagner requested approval of permanent status for Senior Firefighter Bradley Cummings and 2nd Class Firefighter David Kirts.
Chief Wagner says both men are doing great work for the department.
The board approved the request.
Handicap Parking
The board approved a request from Mary Walters to make an accessible parking space at 1123 Summit Lane for her disabled son.
Donation of Air Compressor
The board approved a request by the Bedford Fire Department to donate an air compressor to Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department. The department replaced theirs, and this will provide a benefit to Indian Creek VFD.
Division of Property on 35th Street
The board approved a minor division of property at 2235 35th Street. The proposal was brought before the board by Adam Chastain and went through public comment at the last meeting, and no one spoke for or against the proposal.
Donation of TASC Bus to Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence County
The board authorized the transfer of a TASC Bus to the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence County. The 2013 bus will be donated to the organization for their use. A seat was removed from the bus so drivers do not have to have a commercial driver’s license to operate the bus.