Odon Town Council Discusses Discrepancies in Town’s Finances

(ODON) – The Odon Town Council met Tuesday to discuss discrepancies in the Town’s finances.

Earlier this year an Indiana State audit revealed problems. That audit covered January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2017. Officials say according to the audit bank records did not match town records. The audit results say Odon Clerk-Treasurer Beth Haseman owes $17,518 in penalties and interest on town accounts.
Odon Clerk-Treasurer Beth Haseman spoke out about the audit in February saying no money is missing and the claims were paid late because of a problem with her office’s software made financial reports not line up with balances with the bank.
The town has since purchased a new program to handle financial records. It’s one of many steps she says they are taking to fix issues with the audit.
The audit report has been sent to the Attorney General’s office by the State Board of Accounts.
But during Tuesday’s meeting, people shared concerns about whether the bills were paid on time.
They also expressed concern with Haseman in her position.
“92 percent of the late fees that we incurred as a town over this audit period were to the IRS,” Susan Roach told us. “Our town was in violation of not only state tax laws but federal tax laws as well. In my opinion, this was not only giving our town a black eye with the state and federal government but was most likely jeopardizing our credit rating as was said earlier in the evening.”
No decisions or choices were made during tonight’s meeting.