Indiana DOR Is Open For Business

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) is now accepting tax filings for the 2018 individual income tax season. Customers have from now until April 15, 2019, to file their individual income tax returns.

Before Hoosiers file their returns for the tax year 2018, DOR wants to ensure all customers take some easy, but necessary precautions to ensure their information is correct and complete to ensure timely processing.
“One of the best tips we offer our customers is to wait to file until they have all of their documentation,” suggests DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp. “Attempting to file without all documents almost always results in a lengthy delay in processing for that individual, and ultimately delaying any refund they may receive due to the need to amend that return.”
Before tax season, DOR surveyed team members within the processing division to find the most common mistakes customers make during tax season resulting in a processing delay. DOR team members suggest customers:

  • Use the correct form.
  • Check to ensure the forms are complete.
  • Provide all necessary documentation alongside the form.
  • Avoid duplicate filings (if you file electronically, do not file a paper copy and vice-versa).
  • Never staple checks or documentation to the return.
  • Send materials to the right location–state returns go to DOR, federal to the IRS.
  • File electronically, if possible, to ensure faster and more accurate returns.

A more detailed list can be found online on DOR’s website at Customers are encouraged to review the list before filing this year’s tax returns.
“We advise our customers to always open and read correspondence sent from DOR in order to avoid potential problems down the road,” said Commissioner Krupp. “Often, we are simply requesting additional information or documentation to process the return.”
If customers have questions, they can always contact DOR directly. Below is a list of all of the ways customers can reach DOR.

  • Visit DOR – visit any of the 12 district office locations throughout the state during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., local time, for face-to-face interactions.
  • Call DOR – call Customer Service at 317-232-2240 and have tax/filing information handy.
  • Email DOR – send an email. All questions are addressed within two to four business days. The form is available at

Don’t forget about social media! Customers are encouraged to search @INRevenue to find the latest news, updates and helpful customer tips through tax season, and all year long on various social media outlets.
If customers don’t find what they are looking for, DOR encourages them to reach out and provide their feedback by using the portal available online at DOR appreciates any and all feedback customers provide allowing the opportunity for continuous improvement.
For more information on the upcoming tax season, visit DOR’s website at or call DOR Customer Service at 317-232-2240, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST.