Greg Day announced that retired FBI agent Tony Siedl will serve as his chief deputy if elected Lawrence County Sheriff

BEDFORD – ISP Sgt. Greg Day, who is running for Lawrence County Sheriff announced Thursday that he will name retired FBI agent Tony Siedl as chief deputy.

Greg Day and Tony Siedl

“I have promised everything we do will be built on the five pillars of accountability, professionalism, quality, work ethic, and cooperation,” wrote Day in a Facebook post. “Tony absolutely embodies these traits better than anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His experience and leadership abilities will have a lasting positive effect on our community, the department, and every officer/employee that works beside him. Notice I said “beside” not “for”. His leadership style is exactly in line with how I’ve always tried to be. Tony retired from the FBI where he has successfully investigated every type of crime imaginable. His investigative skills are legendary. He served 4 years as Chief Deputy here in Lawrence County under then Sheriff Craig. His organization, administrative skills, and leadership are still talked about. He then helped lead security with Cook Inc. His career resume is so impressive, it would take pages to be as detailed as he deserves. Lawrence County is lucky to have such a gem willing to serve. If I’m blessed to win the November election, you will be in great hands.”