Commissioners approve final payment on wastewater treatment plant in Judah

BEDFORD – Tuesday morning Southern Indiana Development Commission Michelle Carrico asked the Lawrence County commissioners to approve the final payment to Graves Construction toward the completion of a new wastewater treatment plant in Judah.

The total cost of the project will be an estimated $850,000. The last installment payment was for $67,529.53.

A $600,000 grant was applied for and awarded through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs on behalf of the South-Central Regional Sewer District. The sewer district is responsible for their portion of the cost of the project ($235,000) which was paid from wastewater funds.

The new wastewater treatment plant, including an activated sludge wastewater treatment system, was constructed next to the current facility. The new plant will allow the area to be compliant with the Department of Indiana Environmental Management. The new plant features ultraviolet cleansing, as well as an aeration chamber, among other features, and is up and running. The old plant will be demolished.

Crews are currently finishing the fencing around the facility.