Man arrested after attempting to steal money from a bank deposit box

BEDFORD – A Spencer man was arrested Saturday night after Bedford Police officers were dispatched to the Bedford Federal Bank located at 2955 John Williams Boulevard in reference to a male attempting to break into the overnight money drop box at the bank.

When officers arrived they found a black car stopped at the entrance of the parking lot and a male identified as 19-year-old Elijah Del Fierro walking west on John Williams Boulevard not far from the bank parking lot. 

Elijah Del Fierro

 The driver and passenger in the black vehicle told police they were making a nightly deposit and witnessed a man (Del Fierro) attempting to break into the night deposit box.

They told police the man then attempted to open their vehicle door and get inside the vehicle.

 The officer pulled up to Del Fierro and activated his lights, but  Del Fierro continued to walk west on John Williams Boulevard. The officer rolled down his window and ordered Del Fierro to stop. He continued to walk away from the officer. The officer exited his vehicle and ordered Del Fierro to stop and he continued to ignore the officer’s order. 

Del Fierro then took off running heading towards the Walmart parking lot. 

The officer gave chase, continuing to order Del Fierro to stop. 

As the two approached the Buffalo Wings and Rings parking lot the officer grabbed his TASER and yelled at Del Fierro to stop but he continued to run. Del Fierro then approached the restaurant door and that is when the officer deployed his TASER but missed.  One barb went through Del Fierro’s pant leg not making contact with the skin, and the other barb went into the wall ofthe building. That is when Del Fierro sat up against the wall. The officer then requested Del Fierro to place his hands behind his back but Del Fierro tensed up and refused to cooperate. The officer had to forcibly detain Del Fierro.

Del Fierro then began yelling and screaming causing the employees from the restaurant to exit the building to see what was going on.

Other officers then arrived on the scene. One began to search Del Fierro and he then began kicking his legs and yelling. Del Fierro was medically cleared at the scene and then transported to jail on charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, attempted theft, intimidation, and unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle in the commission of a crime.