Mitchell man arrested after failing to return a vehicle

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Monday after a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy stopped a man driving a reported stolen vehicle on Woodsferry Road. 

Skylar Schofield

The driver, 26-year-old Skylar Schofield pulled the white Ford Ranger into a driveway at 999 Woodsferry Road.  The vehicle had been reported stolen at 11:56 a.m. and Schofield had taken the vehicle without permission.

When the officer exited his vehicle, Schofield approached him saying he knew why the officer was there and he had not returned the vehicle because he was waiting on his mother to arrive home to give him gas money. 

Schofield told police he was at an apartment with a female and two other males and had stepped outside to smoke a  cigarette and one of the males flashed him the keys to a vehicle and said let’s go. So he followed the male to the vehicle. The male took Schofield to the male’s home and the male went to sleep. Schofield told police the attempted to wake the male several times but he would not get up and take him home. Schofield told police he then pickpocketed the keys from the male and left them in the vehicle. Schofield told police he spoke to the woman who owned the vehicle and she told him to have it back by a certain time.  He was unable to do that due to not having gas money. 

The owner of the vehicle was contacted and told to pick up the vehicle at 999 Woodsferry Road. Schofield was arrested on a charge of auto theft and transported to jail.