Bedford City Council approves to vacate two undeveloped streets to property owners during Tuesday meeting

BEDFORD – After allowing enough time for the public to provide feedback on two undeveloped streets that were requested to be vacated to the property owners, the city council voted to approve the requests during their Tuesday night meeting.

The first property at 1902 19th Street hosted an undeveloped part of the roadway that was originally intended to connect Wilson Park to Brian Lane Way that has not been utilized. The owners are wanting to place a fence on their property and requested that section be split between the homeowners that live along that line.

Mayor Sam Craig did talk with an additional homeowner that will also be affected by the request, who had initially been concerned with how it would affect the property, and agreed that vacating the property would allow them to add an addition to his home that he would not have been able to do currently.

The next property at 1323 T Street has an undeveloped portion of 14th Street that the property owner maintains when they mow their property. The request was to have the city vacate that portion to them, as they have been maintaining it when they take care of their yard work.

During the meeting, no one appeared to be against the two requests, and after discussing the plans again, the council voted to approve vacating the two areas to the property owners at their request.