Crews continue to pave Lawrence County Roads

BEDFORD – Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb reported to the commissioners Tuesday morning that crews are finishing up paving in District 1 and will then move to District 3.

Brandi Webb

Today crews are paving Patton Hill Road and will move to North Pike Road and Benham Lane on Wednesday.

Webb also requested the commissioners to accept the bid from Rejuvtec for asphalt rejuvenation.

With the passage of time, asphalt becomes dry, brittle, and loses its sand matrix resulting in raveling, cracking, and spalling, which leads to base failures and total pavement failure. Reclamite® delays the aging process and reverses any premature aging that is caused by excessive heat during mix production as well as environmental damage from the sun’s UV rays and water intrusion. 

Reclamite® In-Depth Rejuvenating Seal rejuvenates the asphalt binder, providing a one-step, in-place method for restoring plasticity and improving durability in asphalt. Reclamite® seals and weatherproofs the asphalt adding from 5-7 years to its service life. Subsequent applications will preserve and protect the surface of a good pavement from cracking and raveling indefinitely.

In other business:

The Commissioners heard from Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer who relayed a complaint about low-hanging trees and brush blocking the view of motorists on Moore Lane entering the Lawrence County Recreation Park.

The commissioners said the county highway department is not a tree trimming agency.

“We are not in the tree cutting business,” said Commissioner Rodney Fish. “We do what we can when it is on county right of way to prevent issues but it is up to the property owners to address the issue.”

The county’s right of way is from the edge of pavement to the edge of the pavement.

The commissioners also updated an ordinance establishing minimum internal control standards and procedures and determination of a materiality threshold for reporting financial irregularities.

This was done to be in compliance with the State Board of Accounts.