Bridge painting to close lanes on I-65 in Scott County

SCOTT CO. — Indiana Department of Transportation contractor Three Star Painting plans to begin work on or after Saturday, June 25, to complete a bridge painting project on Moonglo Road (C.R. 100 N.) over I-65 in Scott County. The bridge is located just over a mile north of S.R. 56 near Scottsburg.

The painting will be completed in three phases through late July. Each phase is expected to last approximately six days, depending upon weather and other factors. Restrictions will be removed each Friday while work is in progress.

  • Phase 1 (starting on/after Saturday, June 25): Right lane closed on I-65 SB
  • Phase 2 (starting on/after Saturday, July 9): Left lane closed on I-65 NB and SB
  • Phase 3 (starting on/after Saturday, July 16): Right lane closed on I-65 NB
Moonglo Rd. over I-65 - Scott Co.