A gas can ignites as teen puts gas into a lawn mower

TRAFALGAR — Routine yard work turned into a scary situation for a Trafalgar teen while he was pouring fuel from a can and it caught fire Tuesday.

According to the Trafalgar Fire Department, a 16-year-old was inside a barn and fueling a mower in the 4000 block of County Road West 300 South when the gas can caught on fire as fuel ran down the side of the mower.

Officials say quick action prevented the fire from spreading. The teen threw the can to the center of the barn, and the fire stayed contained to the can.

Gas can was tossed in the middle of the barn. Photo courtesy Photo courtesy of Trafalgar Fire Department

The barn filled with smoke, but firefighters were able to extinguish the fire by using just a fire extinguisher.

The melted gas can. Photo courtesy of Trafalgar Fire Department

Trafalgar Police Department and the Johnson County Indiana Sheriff’s Office provided assistance at the scene.