Mitchell man arrested after injuring a woman during a dispute over airconditioning

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Wednesday when Mitchell Police officers were called to a home at 929 Crawford Street after a female requested help.

When officers arrived they found an upset woman who was crying. The woman had large dark bruise on both arms, her back, and her neck.

Christopher Sternes

The woman told police she had gotten into a fight with 31-year-old Christopher Sternes the night before and that he started to grab her and hit her after she wanted to “turn the air off for just a moment to take shower.”

She said Sternes got agitated and started to scream at her and then proceeded to hit her. She said Sternes chased her into the laundry room with kitchen knives telling her he was going to cut her throat. 

The woman said both her daughters and grandmother were present during the fight.

The woman waited until Sternes went to work and then packed his belongings and placed them outside.

The woman requested to sign a battery affidavit. While the woman was signing the affidavit, Sternes came home from work and was detained on charges of domestic battery in the presence of a child under the age of 16, domestic battery, and intimidation with a deadly weapon.

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