Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals move variance request to Plan Commission in 3-1 vote

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of Zoning Appeals met in a special session Tuesday afternoon, to discuss the property located at 2435 I Street.

The example of how the parcels will be separated with square footage included

The property owners requested a special variance to split their property into two parcels for an additional living space in the garage currently in place. The split will have one parcel under the 6,000 square foot property limit, and a special variance was required to split the property.

The owners will remodel the garage into a single-family dwelling, with three rooms in hopes to rent the property or eventually sell it entirely if they feel it is necessary. Keeping the property as one parcel eliminates the option of selling entirely.

The full lot within the blue lines

BRCJ in Bedford performed the land survey to place the two lots at 6,400 square feet, and 4,600 square feet respectively. Upon performing the survey, other properties in the area had similar issues with lesser parcel sizes. The issue with the lot sizes is believed to be attributed to the neighborhood having been built in the 1920s.

The board continued to discuss and hear each point of the homeowners and the resident against the parcel split, until a vote to approve the request. The final vote was 3-1 with Chairman of the Board Matt Parker voting nay.

The request will now move forward to the Bedford Plan Commission for the final vote during the June 14th meeting at 4:00 p.m.